Tuesday, September 2, 2014

From automatic to manual, from jpg to RAW

It's me and my photos again... :) I am really into getting better in (product) photos and as we all know - we only learn when practicing, I am giving my best here.

So I knitted just another rasta tube hat for my Etsy store (DigginRasta) and mu girl was happy to have a little photo session with it.

We had lots of fun and what was most important - I was finally putting my camera's automatic settings aside and I decided the ISO, shutter speed and aperture on my own!

So here we are:

My sweet little girl :))

Though my favorite photo is following:

Can you see the "roomy" effect in this photo?! I love it! I am getting better!! :) Well, now I need to get rid of the grayness and I know how. I gotta start taking my photos in RAW format - then they will be much easier to play with in PhotoShop.

So all in all - these pictures were taken while she sat on a desk, i used calc paper as backdrop and only natural light from a rather large window on the right. I also use a reflector to bounce some light to the other cheek AND I used a hill of books to support my camera with.

Camera - Nikon D80, lens - 50-1.8. Cheap, simple, handy.

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